The Wants & Needs Game

Whether you are 7, 27 or 67, one of the hardest money lessons to sort wants from needs. To address this issue, we developed the Wants & Needs game.

In a nutshell, players learn to quickly decide their best "want" or "need" from the cards they are dealt. Players then explain their rationales. A rotating judge chooses the winner. Another version assigns players different roles (parent, college student, mother).

Fun and fast-moving. Three games in one.
Great for classrooms!
This is a highly interactive small group activity or kitchen table game.
Developers: J.M. Seymour and Chuck Kuster
Format: Playing cards
Cost: $11.95

How to use the Wants & Needs Game

NOTE: This game is only available via direct purchase from the publisher.
  • Play the game at family game night.
  • Play after a conflict where a child didn’t understand why he/she could not have something.
  • Play with the family prior to making major family purchases.
  • Teachers - Play this game as part of your financial literacy classes.