Entrepreneur Extraordinaire … Grandpa Helps Emily Build A Business

Have a kid who really wants to start a lemonade stand or mowing business? Time to teach some business basics!

This colorfully-illustrated book offers a template for kids (and parents) as they turn Emily's cookie business into a valuable "money moment." Includes informative sidebars and glossary.
  • Read the book with kids who are asking to start a lemonade stand, mowing job, or be a neighborhood dog walker.
  • Discuss entrepreneurship as an employment option.
  • Librarians and "money mentors" use Entrepreneur Extraordinaire as a resource.

Reader Reviews:

“For every young person who wants a lemonade stand...Entrepreneur Extraordinaire is a fun template to nurture sound business fundamentals. Author J.M. Seymour ignites the entrepreneurial spark to unleash a young person’s business acumen. Emily is one smart cookie! “

Connie A. Deshpande, Harvard Business Publishing

“Finally...a book tailored to young readers that describes opportunities in entrepreneurship in a fun, thorough and understandable way.”
Judi Eyles, Pappajohn Center for Entrepreneurship, Iowa State University

Entrepreneur Extraordinaire tells a great story while showing how to set up a business. J.M. Seymour simplifies what can be an overwhelming task into easy-to-follow steps.
Connie R. Muell, CPA, Tunink Murray Financial Group

Author: J.M. Seymour
Edition: Hardcover, 48 pgs.
ISBN: 978097129002-0-0
Price: $19.95

How to Use Entrepreneur Extraordinaire