Stock Market Pie … Grandma Helps Emily Make A Million

The best investment you can make for a child is teaching them how to save and invest. Stock Market Pie: Grandma Helps Emily Make A Million is the starter book for young investors (and their parents).

This award-winning book explains the basics so beginners can easily understand the building blocks of wealth. It's a great launching pad for first-time investors in the stock market.
  • Parents and grandparents - include a copy of the book when gifting shares of stock.
  • Stock brokers - provide clients a copy of the book with stock gifts to children/grandchildren.
  • Librarians and "money mentors" - read Stock Market Pie as a group activity.

Reader Reviews:

"What a great investment for parents, grandparents, teachers and brokers looking to help young people understand the stock market and start their own portfolio. Stock Market Pie is easy to understand and fun to read…" Louis M. Thompson, Jr, retired President and CEO, National Investor Relations Institute

"Don't be deceived by what looks like a picture book. Stock Market Pie is a good primer for middle schoolers." Kiplinger's Magazine
Author: J.M. Seymour
Edition: Hardcover, 48 pgs.
ISBN: 97129002-0-8
Price: $19.95

How to Use Stock Market Pie: